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My love for performing began in 6th grade when I performed "Lean On Me" at the high school  football stadium in my home town of Henderson, KY.  Getting a taste of performing in front of a large audience at such a young age made me want to be a full time musician.  A couple years after graduation, I joined the Air Force.  During this time I formed several bands and began performing on weekends.  My continued passion for music continued through my military career and after 20 years of service I retired from the military.  This has allowed me to pursue my love of music full time.  Life is far too short to not do what you love.

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'Til You Can't (Live Cover)
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Geoff grew up in the Henderson, Kentucky and started playing music from a young age.  He had his first solo at the age of 10 during a school performance and at the age of 12 he performed at a packed high school stadium for all the schools in Henderson County.  From there he continued to perform at different local events, such as: the Henderson County Fair, high school basketball and football games, as well as special events throughout the town.  After high school Geoff joined the Air Force, where he traveled across the country and deployed overseas.  During his 20 years of service, he continued to perform both on and off duty. He  performed over 300 ceremonies and also performed as a guest vocalist with the Air Force Band of Flight.



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